What we provide for our members?

The club provides recreational outdoor fishing activities.  There are two boats which take deaf anglers to some locations for fishing and competitions.  At some locations, the club put up tents and BBQ for overnight fishing trips.

We received some information from the QAFCA, DPI and EPI about awareness and educational recreational fishing activities, and the fishery industry within the Moreton Bay Marine Zone.

We have some sponsors and donations to support to our club's ongoing recreational fishing activities for children's fishing and educational fishing.

Our club also provides information about the fishing industry to the deaf in their native language, Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

Social Events:

The club holds between 12 to 15 events in a year. We have various fishing events where our anglers can meet for example, standing, on boat, overnights, full day, half day/half nights.

The program have been send to members to participate in some or all of the events.

What our members do?

  • Learn to catch fish,
  • Teamwork for example, setting up tarp or tent, carry items to some locations from the boat,
  • Steering the boat to the sea,
  • Weighing, checking the correct size of the fish,
  • Casting.

Major Events:

  • Leith Heuston Memorial Shield;
  • Don Cussion Memorial Shield;
  • Competition between North Coast Deaf Fishing and BDAC;
  • Childrens competitions,
  • Childrens educational fishing day.